CUNY Women’s Leadership Conference 2018

Our community engagement intern for the Fall 2018 semester, Landra Brown, had the opportunity of attending CUNY’s 14th Annual Women’s Leadership Conference at Hunter College. The theme this year was “Rising Together”. In light of the Me-Too movement and the current intense political climate across the country, the hosts and guest speakers encouraged everyone in attendance to be kind and respectful to each other. Speakers of the conference included women leaders from CUNY, New York State Assembly, and small businesses.

Halla Tómasdóttir, one the guest speakers and CEO of The B Team, spoke about her personal and political experiences in Iceland. Her closing statement was, “Become the president of your own life.” Landra thought that this was a perfect way to encourage others to be proactive about opportunities that they want.

Lastly, one of the moderators spoke about her experiences with sexual harassment and assault in the workplace at the end of the conference. As she was emotional while she described her own painful experiences, one of the guest speakers that sat close to her embraced her tightly. As Landra said, “This was the strongest and most powerful point of the conference, in my opinion. Women are supporting other women, emotionally, physically, and business wise.”